Mattress for your kids

I bought this for my 6 year old daughter because we are moving to a new home I just bought and we needed to downsize her bed to fit in her new room. It feels like a plush memory foam with a bounce when you turn over. I was skeptical because they arrived in tall boxes. I peeked inside and saw that they were rolled up almost like a fruit roll up would be. I’m extremely impressed and cannot get over the price tag. It’s a must have even if you can afford a more expensive bed. I absolutely think it is going to last a long time especially for a child because the child doesn’t weigh that much at all.


It arrived tightly rolled and compressed but plumped up to its full size within a few hours of opening. It has just the right amount of firmness. I slept on it fine without a topper, but once I added a cheap foam topper my sleep improved even more. I’m delighted that I found such a functional, comfortable mattress for less than 100 bucks and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone. I had to leave it alone for ten minutes or so to allow it to fully inflate. I do not have a box spring underneath my mattress, so I didn’t know if it would be comfortable, but I was glad to read on the tag that it was supposed to be used without a box spring.

I’ve slept on them and my goodness they are so comfortable. I have a bad a back and weigh around 166lbs; if a mattress is too stiff, ill feel it during the night and in the morning. Sleeping on this mattress was comfortable from the first night. The kids love them too. I’ve heard no complains at all! I plan on purchasing a queen size mattress for myself as well.

The major distinguishing factor between high- and low-priced mattresses is, simply, marketing! So I went out on a limb and purchased this one and was pleasantly surprised. My boys had fun watching it puff up from the vacuum-sealed package too.

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