How to save on your first mattress

I originally bought a full sized Casper 8 mattress for me. I liked it so much that I bought one for my dad and my son. I ordered 2 for both of my girls and they love it !!!!! Please don’t pay the negative reviews any mind. The beds feels amazing and it’s a very reasonable price. My father had a spinal injury about a year ago. This is the first time he has been comfortable sleeping since his accident.

It arrived in a mattress size box and was wrapped so nicely. Casper mattress expanded just as promised in a very short time (casper mattress coupon – once it was released from the shipping materials. My daughter slept in it after it was set up and she loved it. This mattress is full size and lovely. I bought this for a vacation rental property so I have not had a chance to do more than admire the quality and test the comfort. She said it was a very relaxing and peaceful rest. I laid on it for a while and found it to be very comfortable.

It arrived vacuum sealed and rolled right in a box! Thank you so much for that. I work for fed ex and it’s so horrible when mattresses and toppers are only sent in a plastic seal. I’m kicking myself for not buying one of these for myself and buying a more expensive(and rock hard) mattress instead. Had no problem with the sheets fitting or anything like that. We bought this mattress for our 9 year old son. Once I opened the bag up, the mattresses literally expanded before my eyes. After a couple of hours, the mattress was fully expanded and ready to be placed on the bed frame. It came rolled up in a vacuum sealed bag and once opened I waited around six hours for it to ‘expand’ fully. I love this bed.

It is not terribly heavy, and I expect many people could carry it by themselves like I can, and it is incredibly comfortable. I ended up taking a chance on the twin sized mattress and I’m so glad I did.

I store it under my actual twin bed and it fits perfectly. It is a very comfortable bed, even more comfortable than my twin bed mattress on my box spring. They come in a box, and it is fun watching them open up and listening to the air fill them. Because of this I also didn’t want to get a whole mattress set or need a frame. I will be back for a queen soon. I loved the packaging, rolled in a box not too big. It expanded to the it’s normal size about two hours after opening. This is one week about of using them. Hopefully they hold up to the test of time, but I am very hopeful.

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